Julia Cartwright

Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1
55128 Mainz

Post-doctorate Research Fellow


My current research focuses on noble gas analyses (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) of meteorites, with particular focus on:

1) The combined petrological, compositional and noble gas study of HED meteorites in collaboration with D. Mittlefehldt and colleagues, NASA/JSC Houston, USA. The overall aim is to better understand the formation and evolution of planetary bodies and associated regolith formation processes.

2) Analysis of rare Martian phases ranging from magnetite to melt inclusions.

3) Smaller collaborative studies, including analyses of Martian meteorites, Eucrites and Ordinary Chondrites.

Methodology and Analyses:

For bulk samples and mineral separates, I perform furnace step-heating analyses on our MAP-215/50 noble gas mass spectrometer. With rarer phases (e.g. melt inclusions), I will use laser step-heating on our Nu Noblesse instrument. Both techniques allow for the identification and resolution of primary, trapped and cosmogenic components, and for the calculation of crystallisation ages. In addition, the extent of solar and cosmogenic interaction in the sample can be used to define a number of properties including cosmic ray exposure (CRE) ages, the size of pre-recovered samples, and the extent of processing (only chondrites).

I am also working with colleagues at the University of Manchester to perform halogen analyses and age dating of meteorite samples.