22.10.2015 15:00, MPI für Chemie


Tony Cox (Uni Cambridge)[mehr]

26.10.2015 16:00, MPI für Chemie

Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) to monitor the Sun and Earth, including ozone, aerosols, clouds, vegetation and climate

Prof. Francisco P. J. Valero, University of California, San Diego[mehr]

04.11.2015 14:15, MPI für Chemie

Institute Seminar: Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone over India

Narendra Ojha[mehr]

11.12.2015 11:00, MPI für Chemie, Mainz

Seminar: Physical limits of the Earth system

Axel Kleidon (MPI for Biogeochemistry), Host B. Weber[mehr]