JSPS-DFG Workshop on Aerosols

Physicochemical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effects on Air Quality and Public Health

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany

November 25-27, 2015

Overall goals and focus

The main objective of the workshop is to foster discussions, interactions and collaborative work between German and Japanese scientists working on the field of atmospheric aerosol science. We expect participation of mainly active and rising young scientists but also established leading scientists. The topic of the workshop is physicochemical properties of atmospheric particulate matters and their effects on air quality and public health, which has been actively conducted in both German and Japanese scientists. Presentations and discussions in the workshop will cover:

1) Heterogeneous and multiphase chemistry of organic aerosols and bioaerosols,
2) Toxicity and immunological effects of organic and carbonaceous aerosols
3) Regional and global modeling perspectives on cloud microphysics, climate and health effects of atmospheric aerosols.

This bilateral workshop will be a great trigger to initiate and boost more interactions and collaborations between German and Japanese scientists in field measurements, laboratory experiments and numerical simulations. In addition to scientific benefits of research exchange and potential collaboration, the workshop may contribute to promotion and encouragements for German and Japanese young scientists, as more than half of the expected attendees are with their PhDs received within 10 years.