Geosientific databases

Mauna Ulu Eruption of the vulcano Kilauea on Hawaii in the year 1969; Picture: Dick Fiske

Research group Dr. Bärbel Sarbas

Our group is developing and maintaining the open access GEOROC online database. GEOROC stands for Geochemistry of Rocks of the Oceans and Continents. GEOROC is an extensive collection of published analyses of volcanic rocks and mantle xenoliths (fragments of mantle rock which have been transported to the Earth's surface by a volcanic eruption). The database contains concentrations of main and trace elements, radiogenic and non-radiogenic isotope ratios and analytic ages of entire rock samples, volcanic glasses, minerals and inclusions. The samples originate from eleven different geological environments. The meta data also includes the geographic position (in longitude and latitude), rock class and type, degree of weathering, analytic method, research lab, reference materials and references. GEOROC currently contains around 250,000 analyses of rocks, almost 200,000 of minerals and 16,000 of inclusions from 10,000 published works. Not only is the GEOROC database used in countless studies into volcanic rock, but also in research into sediments, paleoceanographic samples and the atmosphere.