Multiphase Chemistry

Fluorescence microscopic picture of birch pollen. The coloring shows the difference in the chemical composition of the birch pollen which can contain allergy-triggering protein in the cell and on its surface. Picture: Christopher Pöhlker, MPI for Chemistry.

Department Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pöschl

Multiphase chemistry deals with chemical reactions, transport processes and transformations between solids, liquids and gases. These processes are important for Earth system science and climate research as well as for life and health sciences.

In Earth system science and climate research, the focus of our department is on studying biological and organic aerosols, aerosol-cloud interactions and atmosphere-surface exchange processes. Concerning life and health sciences, we investigate how protein macromolecules are modified by air pollutants and how this affects allergic reactions and diseases. We try to elucidate the course of multiphase processes at the molecular level and its impact at the macroscopic and global scales. The challenge will be bridging the different spatial and temporal scales: from the tenths of a nanometer to thousands of kilometers and from nanoseconds to years.

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Scientific Publications 2015-2017

Journal Articles


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