NAMIP - Nano- and Microparticle Research

SiC grain of stardust from the Murchison meteorite

Research Group Dr. Peter Hoppe

Our group performs isotope measurements and conducts electron microscopic studies on nano- and micrometer-sized particles of extraterrestrial and terrestrial origin. The key tools in our line of work are a Cameca NanoSIMS 50 ion probe and a Leo 1530 field emission electron microscope. Studying stardust from meteorites, comets and interplanetary dust particles forms a key component of our research activities. The isotopic compositions of these pristine materials enable us to draw key conclusions about stellar nucleosynthetis and evolution, dust formation around stars, the early history of our solar system and how our chemical elements came into being. We also apply our measurement techniques to questions in the fields of aerosol chemistry, microbiology and geochemistry.