INUIT Field Campaign at the Taunus-Observatory, Aug 2012


This field campaign was conducted as a part of the research unit INUIT. The main purpose was the first simultaneous employment of the coupling of the IN counter FINCH (INUIT RP1) and the Aerosol-MS via the newly developed FINCH-CVI (INUIT RP2), and the new bio-aerosol detector in FINCH. Aerosol samples were taken and analyzed offline with respect to the IN concentration (FRIDGE, U Frankfurt, INUIT RP8). CCN size spectra were measured and a high volume sampler was used to sample biological aerosol particles and analyze their DNA (INUIT RP9).

The campaing took place at the Taunus-Observatory (TO), an infrastructure that is provided by the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

In addition to the INUIT partners, several groups joined the project:

John Crowley (MPIC, Atmospheric Chemistry Department):

   - Cavity ring-down spectrometer, NO3, N2O5, NO2
   - Iodide-CIMS, ClNO2
   - MARGA (Uni Helsinki), aerosol and gas composition

Jonathan Williams (MPIC, Atmospheric Chemistry Department.):

   - PTR-MS, chlorine reactivity

Thorsten Hoffmann (Uni Mainz, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry):

   - APCI-MS, organic aerosol components.