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Projekte (nur Englisch)

HOOVER (HOx OVer EuRope)
The overall goal of HOOVER is to study seasonal and latitudinal variations of HOx and HOx precursors in the upper troposphere over Europe. In a series of airborne measurement campaigns the following objectives are addressed:

  • HOx-budget in the upper troposphere
  • Long range transport (import and export)
  • Vertical transport (deep donvection)
  • Latitudinal gradients of trace gases
  • Seasonal variations
  • Instrument development

GABRIEL (Guyanas Atmosphere-Biosphere exchange and Radicals Intensive Experiment with the Lear-Jet)
The GABRIEL campaign in October 2005 was conducted as follow-up project of the 1998 LBA-CLAIRE experiment with an extended state-of-the-art scientific payload. The main purpose of GABRIEL was to observe and quantify detailed HO/HO2 formation and destruction chemistry in the atmosphere over the Amazonian rainforest during the long dry season as a function of the atmosphere-biosphere exchange. A secondary objective was to study the role of convective transport in the vertical (re-)distribution of primary and secondary gaseous species over the continental Amazon with respect to tropospheric chemistry and tracer budgets.

MINOS (Mediterranean INtensive Oxidant Study) 
The objective of the MINOS project is to quantify the main processes involved in the Mediterranean pollution build-up
- Transport of pollution from Europe and from remote sources
- Chemical mechanisms that contribute to the build-up of oxidants and aerosols
- Export of pollutants to the global environment, e.g. towards SE Asia

QUANKAS (Einmodige QUANtenKASkadenlaser für die Medizin-, Umwelt- und Produktionsmesstechnik)

SPURT (SPURenstofftransport in der Tropopausenregion)
We measure a suite of tracers, several of them with different instruments, in order to allow for internal data consistency checks. The tracers we measure have different lifetimes, different source/sink distributions and different physico-chemical behaviour. Therefore the different racers carry different (and complementary) information. The combine measurement of all these species will allow us to identify airmass exchange between troposphere and stratosphere, as well as mixing processes.

UTOPIHAN-ACT (Upper Tropospheric Ozone: Processes Involving HOx And NOx -
The impact of Aviation and Convectively Transported pollutants in the tropopause region)
The broad objective of the UTOPIHAN-ACT project is to improve our prognostic capabilities regarding the influence of aviation and convectively transported pollution on the photochemistry of the upper troposphere, and the variability, seasonality and abundance of ozone in the upper tropopause region.

ITOP (Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors – North Atlantic Study)
The main goal of this work is to sample and analyse airborne in situ data for an investigation of the intercontinetal transport and transformation of trace gases and aerosols. The focus will be on ozone, aerosols and their precursors. In situ chemical and aerosol data will be sampled from the DLR  Falcon during the ITOP campaign in summer 2004 based from Creil, France. The flights will be closely co-ordinated with the the European ITOP and the US INTEX-NA and NEAQS-ITCT 2004 partners.