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Fire_cci "ESA Fire Climate Change Initiative"

The Fire_cci project generates new global datasets of burned area (BA) as part of the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) launched in 2010 by the European Space Agency (ESA). It uses observations from several satellites and develops new burned area detection algorithms. Product generation closely follows the guidelines developed by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) initiative for the generation of satellite-based datasets of so-called Essential Climate Variables (ECVs).
Chuvieco et al. (2016) provides an introduction to the new Fire_cci BA product developed from the MERIS instrument on-board ESA’s Envisat satellite.

Caption: Mean annual proportion of burned area in each 0.5° cell for the Fire_cci MERIS product (period 2006–08) [%]

MPIC, as part of the project's climate research group, intercompares the new Fire_cci BA products with other BA products to assess their strengths and weaknesses.It is exploring and analysing BA product user requirements in interaction with the wider user community.

MPIC furthermore analyses the consistency between the independent satellite-based observations of BA and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) in order to improve fuel consumption and fire emission estimations. This contributes to validating the FRP-based Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS) and improve the accuracy of its emission estimates.