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Arbeitsgruppe Pozzer

From process studies to climate interactions: the chemistry of the atmosphere.

Our group develops and uses numerical models to reproduce, analyse and interpret observational data obtained from field campaigns and/or satellite remote sensing instrumentations. Such a process oriented analysis is used to advance our knowledge of the atmospheric chemistry and improve the numerical models used in our group. Our major objective are studies on the global scale and investigating chemistry-climate interactions.

These studies are conducted using a wide range of different numerical models (see figure), ranging from "box" models, which represent the chemical processes occurring at a specific location, through regional models, which focus on the processes occurring on scales from few kilometers to thousands of kilometers, up to global models, with horizontal grid sizes of about a hundred kilometers.

Mitglieder. Von links nach rechts:
Peter Zimmermann, Sebastian Ehrhart, Huug Ouwersloot, David Cabrera,Yingying Yan, Narendra Ojha, Sara Bacer, Andrea Pozzer, Rolf Sander, Klaus Klingmüller, Martin Körfer.