Aerosol, Cloud, Precipitation, and Radiation Interaction and Dynamics of CONvective Cloud Systems - Cloud Processes of the Main Precipitation Systems in Brazil: A Contribution to Cloud Resolving Modeling and to the GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement)

To obtain a better understanding of the interaction of aerosols, clouds and radiation in convective clouds, simultaneous measurements of all aspects is desireable. To this end, the ACRIDICON-CHUVA campaign was conducted in September 2014 with the German research aircraft HALO. During the same period, the CHUVA project obtained a multitude of ground-based measurements. In addition, the ARM Aerial Facility (AAF) Gulfstream-1 (G-1) was deployed simultaneously in the Amazon to also obtain measurements of cloud, trace gas, and aerosol properties.

The HALO integration phase took place at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen during July/August 2014. Despite several unexpected bureaucratic problems, several test flights were conducted to ensure that all instruments are working properly and to train the operators. The measurement phase at Manaus (Brazil) started with the ferry flight (via the Capverdes) on September 01 and 02, 2014.

The ferry flights have already been use as measurement flights and have therefore been numbered as  AC05 and AC06 (The numbering started with the first test flight in Oberpfaffenhofen).

Measurement flights at Manaus:

- 20140906 (AC07)
- 20140909 (AC08)
- 20140911 (AC09)
- 20140912 (AC10)
- 20140916 (AC11)
- 20140918 (AC12)
- 20140919 (AC13)
- 20140921 (AC14)
- 20140923 (AC15)
- 20140925 (AC16)
- 20140927 (AC17)
- 20140928 (AC18)
- 20140930 (AC19)
- 20141001 (AC20)

Ferry flights back:
AC21 and AC22, 03. and 04. October, 2014

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Campaign Blog by "Andi" Andreae


Preparation phase at Oberpfaffenhofen:

Campaign at Manaus:



People involved: J. Schneider, C. Schulz


Manfred Wendisch, André Ehrlich, University Leipzig, Germany
Luiz Machado, Rachel Albrecht, Karla Longo, CPTEC-INPE, Brazil
Ulrich Pöschl, Meinrat O. Andreae, MPI Chemistry, Germany
Paulo Artaxo, IF-USP, Brazil
Stephan Mertes, TROPOS, Germany
Marcia Akemi, IAG-USP, Brazil
Hans Schlager, Andreas Minikin, Bernadett Weinzierl, Christiane Voigt, Helmut Ziereis, Andreas Fix, DLR, Germany
Antônio Manzi, INPA, Brazil
Ralf Weigel, Stephan Borrmann, University Mainz, Germany
Daniel Rosenfeld, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Bjorn Stevens, MPI Meteorology, Germany
Rodrigo Souza, UEA, Brazil
Martin Schnaiter, Ahmed Abdelmonem, KIT, Germany
Martina Krämer, FZ Jülich, Germany
Liciana Riccio, UNIFESP, Brazil
Volker Ebert, PTB, Germany
Klaus Pfeilsticker, University Heidelberg, Germany
Joachim Curtius, University Frankfurt, Germany


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