INUIT - Research Project 2

Composition analysis of ice nuclei and ice particle residuals
combining aerosol mass spectrometry and counterflow
virtual impactor technique

(J. Schneider, MPIC, F. Stratmann, TROPOS)

The objectives of this project is to analyze the physico-chemical properties of ice nuclei (IN), by:
   - direct sampling of ice residual from mixed phase cloud by a counterflow virtual
     impactor (Ice-CVI) with subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry and other
   - combining an ice nuclei counter with a pumped counterflow virtual impactor
     (PCVI) and an aerosol mass spectrometer in order to anlalyze the particles that
     activated ice in the IN counter.

Field work:
   - INUIT-TO (Aug 2012)
   - INUIT-JFJ (Jan-Feb 2013)

Laboratory work:
   - Test campaign, TROPOS Leipzig, November 2012
   - LACIS campaign, TROPOS Leipzig, June 2013
   - FIN-1 (Fifth International Ice Nucleation Workshop, Part 1), AIDA, KIT, Germany, Nov. 2014

J. Schneider, S. Schmidt, T. Klimach



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Schmidt, S., Schneider, J., Klimach, T., Mertes, S., Schenk, L.P., Curtius, J, Kupiszewski, P., Hammer, E., Vochezer, P., Lloyd, G., Ebert, M., Kandler, K., Weinbruch, S, and Borrmann, S., In-situ single submicron particle composition analysis of ice residuals from mountain-top mixed-phase clouds in Central Europe, submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., Nov. 2014