06.03.2019 14:15, Mainz

Institute Seminar: Atmospheric Chemistry at Home: Abundance, Sources, and Fates of Indoor Organic Gases and Particles

Prof. Allen Goldstein, University of California at Berkeley (Host J. Williams)[mehr]

20.03.2019 14:15, Mainz

Institute Seminar: TBD

Chiara Cagnazzo (Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC), Italy[mehr]

01.04.2019 14:00, Mainz

Seminar: TBD

Yannian Zhu, Meteorological Institute of Shaanxi, China(Host M. Pöhlker)[mehr]

03.04.2019 14:15, Mainz

Institute Seminar: Using aerosol composition and optical properties for understanding aerosol sources, air quality and radiative impacts

Roya Bahreini, University of California, Riverside, Department of Environmental Sciences [mehr]