Four postdoc positions in ATTO project, Brazil


We annouce four open postdoc positions in the Brazilian-German Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) project. With unique facilities, centered around the 325 meter tower and two 80m tower about 150 km northeast of Manaus, ATTO provides an unprecedented platform to study the role of Amazon tropical forests in Earth system processes and climate. The towers are equipped with instruments to measure greenhouse gases and their isotopes, reactive trace gases, aerosols and clouds, as well as micrometeorological data to study forest energy and carbon balance.  Additional projects investigate the processes that give rise to observed forest-atmosphere exchanges. Research within the ATTO project is divided into four major themes:

1. Regional greenhouse gas balance;
2. Physical climate: Energy, water, and winds;
3. Aerosols, clouds, and atmospheric processes;
4. Processes regulating land-air exchange.

We are offering postdoc positions at INPA and for each of the four themes one position is available. The four scientists will be based at INPA and interact with national and international groups involved in the ATTO project. Postdocs interested in one of these positions must have a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or a closely related field. They must be prepared to work in a self-contained manner and willing to work in the field under basic field conditions. ATTO offers the opportunity to work in a unique, highly international scientific environment and the ability to interact with a range of interdisciplinary and international scientists.

The posdoc scholarships are for 3 years at a salary of R$4100 per month. Please send applications with a letter of interest, CV and certificates to In your letter, please indicate the direction of research that you would prefer.

If any questions should arise, please contact Bruno Takeshi or one of the two coordinators – Beto Quesada (INPA) or Susan Trumbore (MPI-BGC)