Institute Seminar: Impact of climate change on coccolithophore blooms and their role in sinking carbon in the Subpolar oceans using remote sensing and autonomous profiling floats

Wann: 14.08.2019 14:15
Wo: Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1, Seminar rooms 2/3 55128 Maniz

Dr. Griet Neukermans, Sorbonne Université, Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (Host R. Schiebel)

The institute seminar takes place each Wednesday from 14.15 bis 14.45 h in the seminar room of the MPI for Chemistry. The seminar is aimed at interested scientists, employees of the Max Planck Institute and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IPA).

Afterwards there is coffee and tea in the seminar area.