Research of the Group Williams

The aim of the ORSUM group is to investigate gas phase reactive organic compounds present in the atmosphere through field measurements.  The group is involved in the development of new instrumentation, deployment of this instrumentation in airborne, shipborne and ground based field measurement studies, and the interpretation of the results.  The present measurement includes organonitriles, carbonyls, organohalides, isoprene, organosulphur compounds and aromatic species.

The group specialises in measurements with PTR-MS (Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometers) and of GC-MS (Gas chromatography - Mass Spectrometry).

Current research fronts are:
1. Organics in the upper troposphere 
2. Organics at the air/ocean interface
3. Organics in tropical ecosystems

Members of the ORSUM group have performed measurements of organic species across the globe including: from Tropical forests, boreal forests, the Indian, Atlantic and Southern oceans, Urban environments, and the stratosphere.  Research papers based on this work are listed in the publications section.

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