Ice clouds warm the Artic

July 23, 2021
How do cirrus clouds influence the climate in the Arctic and in Northern and Central Europe?
Press release of DLR / Supplements Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.

Otto Hahn Medal for Young Researcher from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

July 16, 2021
Anna Kunert receives the Otto Hahn Medal for her outstanding doctoral thesis on protein interactions related to biological ice formation, allergies and inflammation.

Significantly lower climate impact of contrails when using sustainable fuels

June 18, 2021
The German Research Foundation is establishing the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) "Die Tropopausenregion in einer Atmosphäre im Wandel (TPChange)". The Max Planck Institute for Chemistry is participating with the Particle Chemistry Department.

COVID-19: Calculating aerosol infection risk yourself

September 22, 2020
Algorithm to estimate coronavirus infection risk from aerosol transmission in the indoor environment and under different safety measures

Earth and Solar System Research Partnership

The MPIC is member of the Earth and Solar system Research Partnership.
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