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Multiphase Chemistry

Department Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pöschl

Multiphase chemistry deals with chemical reactions, transport processes and transformations between solids, liquids and gases. These processes are important for Earth system science and climate research as well as for life and health sciences.

In Earth system science and climate research, the focus of our department is on studying heterogeneous chemical reactions at the atmosphere-biosphere interface and related environmental processes. Concerning life and health sciences, we investigate how air pollutants generate oxidative stress and modify protein macromolecules, and how this affects inflammatory and allergic diseases. We aim to elucidate the course of multiphase processes at the molecular level and their impact at macroscopic and global scales. The challenge will be bridging the different spatial and temporal scales: from the tenths of a nanometer to thousands of kilometers and from nanoseconds to years.


Research Themes:


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Members Multiphase Chemistry

Alznauer, Sarah
  • +4961313057002
Backes, Anna
  • +4961313057041
Barmpounis, Konstantinos
Basic, Sanja
Berkemeier, Thomas
Group Leader
  • +4961313057400
Bothen, Nadine
  • +4961313057102
Brill, Sebastian
  • +4961313057802
Ditz, Reiner
  • +4961313057810
Elbert, Wolfgang
  • +4961313057091
Englert, Jana
  • +4961313057804
Fröhlich, Janine
Group Leader
  • +4961313057100
Geis, Dennis
  • +4961313057802
Hamann, Yvonne
  • +4961313056110
Kang, Hyun Gu
  • +4961313057401
Kesselmeier, Jürgen
  • +4961313057803
Klimach, Thomas
  • +4961313057040
Kropf, Nina-Maria
  • +4961313057101
Krueger, Matteo
  • +4961313057401
Krüger, Ovid Oktavian
Kuhn, Uwe
  • +4961313057301
Lammel, Gerhard
Group Leader
  • +4961313057600
Leifke, Anna Lena
  • +4961313057701
Lucas, Kurt
Mishra, Ashmi
  • +4961313057041
Nillius, Bjoern
  • +4961313057801
Peissker, Martina
  • +4961313057001
Pöhlker, Christopher
Group Leader
  • +4961313057800
Pöschl, Ulrich
Scientific member (Director)
  • +4961313057000
Raj, Subha
  • +4961313057804
Ramirez-Romero, Carolina
  • +4961313057804
Romshoo, Baseerat
  • +4961313057802
Wei, Chao
  • +4961313057303
Zetzsch, Cornelius
  • +4961313057602
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