Equal Opportunities

In accordance with the principles of the Max Planck Society, the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry supports its employees in their diverse life models. We offer family-friendly working conditions for women and men. We welcome applications from women, particularly in those areas in which they are underrepresented, and we support women in their career development. We support severely disabled employees according to their individual needs.

Equal opportunities
The Equal Opportunities Officer of the MPI for Chemistry, Brigitte Stoll, and her deputy, Dr. Janine Fröhlich are available to assist you with valuable advice and support. They take part in application processes and are in a regular dialog with the management. Dr. Ulla Weber is the Central Equal Opportunities Officer of the Max Planck Society. 

For more information on the topic of equal opportunities, please see the Max Planck Society website


Code of Conduct

The Max Planck Society encourages the maxim of a non-discriminatory culture, in which the variety and diversity of employees are seen as an opportunity and in which all are met with equal respect and shown the same esteem. Neither ethnic origin, descent nor other categories of origin nor sex, gender nor sexual orientation, religion nor world-view, disability nor age may lead to personal or professional disadvantages and influence the opportunities of an individual to access to the organization or to promotion and qualification within the organization.

As a successful research organization and employer of many thousands of employees, the protection of its employees against all forms of discrimination is a concern of great importance to the Max Planck Society. It is therefore committed to providing prevention, information and assistance and consistently opposes any form of behaviour that violates the dignity of its employees.

Policy against sexualized discrimination, harassment, and violence (pdf)

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