Measures and support options

  • Profession and family audit at MPG
    In 2016, the Max Planck Society underwent an audit by the non-profit organization berufundfamilie GmbH for the fourth time, and just like in 2006, 2009 and 2012, received the certificate for family-friendly human resources policy. The current voluntary commitment states: It (MPG) is thus setting a sign of permanently anchoring a family-friendly human resources policy in the corporate culture.
  • Career Steps Network
    Talent promotion, career support, personnel development, measures for the reconciliation of family life and work as well as equal opportunities – the Max Planck Society wants to combine all these activities under the roof of the Career Steps Network. The starting point for the network is the fact that during the discussion of equal opportunities measures over the course of 2016, it became clear that the Max Planck Society already had many good measures with regard to this issue. These, however, often did not reach the target group in the Max Planck Institutes – namely our female and male researchers.
  • Christiane Nüsslein Volhard Foundation
    The Foundation for the promotion of science and research, initiated in 2004, supports talented young doctoral female students with children. It intends to give them the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific careers.
  • Dual Career Service
    Dual Career Services offer help and care facilities for dual-career scientist couples.
    In Mainz, the Munich Dual Career Service or the Dual Career Service of the Mainz Academic Alliance can be accessed via the MPG.

  • Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg
    Within the Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg scientific members of the Max Planck Society foster the careers of excellent female scientists after their postdoc phase, helping them to succeed on their way to an appointment as a tenured professor or as a director of a research institution. Possible focus areas include: Chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and technical disciplines.
  • Childcare during congresses
    Financial grants are available for childcare when attending scientific congresses. In addition, for business trips, childcare costs that are incurred at the place of residence are subsidized under certain conditions.
  •  Childcare in daycare centers
    The daycare centers "Campulino" and "Sprösslinge" on the university's campus are available to children of MPIC employees between the age of a few months to six years. The Studierendenwerk of the University of Mainz is the responsible body. The MPIC has a few guaranteed daycare places.
  • Minerva FemmeNet mentoring network for female scientists
    With Minerva FemmeNet, the MPG has successfully established a mentoring program for its young female scientists – from graduates to highly qualified scientists – which offers support options for any level of qualification.
    Interested MPIC researchers can join this network.
  • Pme Family Service
    For childcare and / or homecare / eldercare questions, employees can use the consulting and placement service of the pme Family Service free of charge. The counseling center is located in Alzey. The center offers services for the placement and provision of appropriate childcare facilities, solutions for family members in need of support and care as well as problem and crisis counseling. Before using the service, an authorization form must be collected from administration.
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