Joint Services of the Institute

The central facilities support the scientific work of the Institute. Competent staff assist the scientists with practical issues of measuring devices or in research applications. The services include the library, the administration,the facilities management, IT, public relations, electronics, and the workshops.

The Institute also educates apprentices in the area of precision mechanics and electronics since years.

Contact partners

Ira Lemm


Susanne Benner


Janne Repschläger

Occupational Safety

Andreas Zimmer

+49 6131 305-3200
+49 6131 305-3209

Thomas Disper

IT Group

Frank Helleis

Electronic Group

Ralf Wittkowski

Mechanical Workshop
+49 6131 305-1400
+49 6131 305-81400

Stefan Viehl

Training Workshop

Carsten Pallien

Facility Management
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