Mechanical Workshop

Many of the measurement devices needed for the Institute’s research are not commercially available. Therefore, they must be produced in the Institute, requiring a well-equipped workshop and highly qualified staff. In the workshop for fine mechanics, new and highly precise instruments are designed and built in co-operation with scientists. These instruments have to comply with stringent requirements, such as usage on board of satellites, aircraft or ships. The employees of this workshop perform a wide range of operations, such as welding of high-qualitiy materials, bracing of special metals, and electroplating.

The Institute has been training apprentices since 1949. The training of mechanics is currently done in mechanical workshop. The apprentices not only craft practice pieces, they also carry out practical machining tasks for the scientific departments. In addition, the apprentices are specially trained in CNC-technique, pneumatics/hydraulic systems and welding technology, partly in inter-institutional courses. The mechanics training workshop has been quite successful in the competitions of the Handwerkerjugend, contributing eleven prize winners at regional, ten at state and four at federal level contests.

Electronic technicians, who are qualified in the electronics group, are provided with basic education in metal technique as well. In addition, the training workshop offers industrial courses for schools and various types of education.

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