PCGS - Paul Crutzen Graduate School

The Paul Crutzen Graduate School (PCGS) at MPI for Chemistry offers a PhD program in Earthsystem science. Also doctoral students with a background in biology and geosciences participate in our interdisciplinary program. The school provides the PhD students a comprehensive supervision also outside of the own research group and the frame to prepare for the PhD exam in an individually structured program. Lectures, workshops, soft skill courses, an annual PhD Symposium and summer schools enable the PhD students to widen their knowledge and skills beyond the research topic of the doctoral project. Through the combination of high quality research, state of the art instrumentation development, field measurements and innovative education methods the research school attracts talented and highly motivated young scientists from all over the world. Established by the Max Planck Society in January 2003, the following outstanding institutes form the core of the research school:

• University of Mainz, Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere
• University of Heidelberg, Institute for Environmental Physics
• University of Frankfurt, Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

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