Schedule for the Scientific Advisory Board Meeting at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

23 – 25 February 2021, virtual meeting via Zoom

Times + hours

17:00 – 20:00 Germany/France (times stated in the schedule below refer to this time zone)
18:00 – 21:00 Greece/Finland (stated time +1)
16:00 – 19:00 UK (stated time -1)
09:00 – 12:00 USA Central (stated time -8)
08:00 – 11:00 USA West (stated time -9)

Dial in via phone for the SAB main meeting:

Finland +358 9 7252 2471
Meeting-ID: 917 8590 0146
Passcode: 798350
Search for Local dial in code:

Find the complete and updated schedule here

Permanent Contingency Room

S= SAB Members, V= Vice President, D= Directors, O= Others

Tuesday, 23 February

 Continuous zoom link for all 3 Days   Continuous zoom link for all Vice President meetings
 Main Program
  Vice President meetings
VD 16.00   Vice President meeting with Directors
SVD    17:00  Welcome + Introduction
SV 17:15  SAB meeting with the Vice President
S 18:00  SAB internal meeting
18:20  Break
SVD 18:30  MPIC general presentation (Managing Director) 
SVD 19:00  Department summary

 Atmospheric Chemistry – Jos Lelieveld
 Climate Geochemistry – Gerald H. Haug
 Multiphase Chemistry – Ulrich Pöschl
 Particle Chemistry – Stephan Borrmann
 Q+A session

S 20:00  SAB internal meeting

Wednesday, 24 February

 Main Program
  Vice President meetings
VO 13:00     Vice President meeting with PhDs ( list)
VO     13:45   Vice President meeting with Postdocs ( list)
VO 14:30   Vice President meeting with Senior Scientists ( list)
VO 16:00     Vice President consultation hour (list)
SVDO  17:00 Independent group presentations

 Aerosols, air quality and climate – Yafang Cheng
 High pressure chemistry and physics – Mikhail Eremets
 Terrestrial palaeoclimates – Kathryn Fitzsimmons
 Satellite remote sensing - Thomas Wagner
 Q+A session


parallel sessions with 4 departments

SDO  Session: Atmospheric Chemistry
SDO  Session: Climate Geochemistry
SDO  Session: Multiphase Chemistry
SDO   Session Particle Chemistry
18:30 Break
SO 18:40 SAB meeting with PhD students + PostDocs (list)
 PhD students + Postdocs Atmos. Chemisry
 PhD students + Postdocs Climate Geochemistry
 PhD students + Postdocs Multiphase Chemistry
 PhD students + Postdocs Particle Chemistry
SO 19:10 SAB meeting with female scientists (list)
 Female scientists Atmospheric Chemistry
 Female scientists Climate Geochemistry
 Female scientists Multiphase Chemistry
 Female scientists Particle Chemistry
S 20:00  SAB internal meeting

Thursday, 25 February

Time      Main Program  Vice President meetings
SVD    17:00    
SAB meeting with Directors
VD 18:00 SAB internal meeting  Vice President meeting with Directors
SV 19:00  SAB concluding discussion with Vice President   



 SAB concluding discussion with Directors
 and Vice President
S 20:00  SAB internal meeting

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