Indepandant Research Groups

Indepandant Research Groups

Currently there are three additional research groups at the Institute:

The Minerva group of Dr. Yafang Cheng deals with the interaction of aerosols, air quality and climate.

The research group of Dr. Mikhail Eremets studies the behavior of matter under extremely high pressure by using a special diamond anvil cell.

The Emmy Noether Research Group “Hominin Meat Consumption” (HoMeCo) led by Dr. Tina Lüdecke hopes to clarify questions about the onset and intensification of meat consumption in early hominins using a method they developed to analyze nitrogen isotopes in tooth enamel. Dietary change and, in particular, the consumption of animal products is considered a key event in human evolution that played a major role in the success of the genus Homo.

The Satellite Research Group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Wagner analyzes satellite data in order to draw conclusions about tropospheric and stratospheric trace gases.

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