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Researchers deliver new insights in the complex interactions between smoke aerosols, weather and wildfire behaviors

Wildfires actively participate in the formation of fire-prone weather more

President of Germany visits German-Brazilian research station

Frank-Walter Steinmeier traveled with German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke to ATTO in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest more

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi Leads World-First Offshore Atmospheric Research Expedition between Spain and UAE in Partnership with Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and The Cyprus Institute

Abu Dhabi, 12 December 2022: The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Cyprus Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany, regarding cooperation on a major atmospheric research project named Atmospheric Research Expedition to Abu Dhabi (AREAD). more

Increasing forest cover in the Eifel region 11,000 years ago resulted in the local loss of megafauna

Sediment cores obtained from Eifel maar sites provide insight into the presence of large Ice Age mammals in Central Europe over the past 60,000 years / Overkill hypothesis not confirmed more

Research in and high above the Amazon rainforest

International team investigates chemical processes in the atmosphere in Brazil more

A Traveler from the Edge of the Solar System

Iron isotopes in samples from asteroid Ryugu suggest its origin to lie beyond the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn more

Expanding open access to scientific knowledge and discussion

Conference of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry to further develop and promote interactive open access publishing with transparent peer review and public discussion

Yafang Cheng 2

Yafang Cheng is honored for outstanding scientific achievements with admission to the Earth & Cosmic Sciences Section of the Academia Europaea. more

dust over Middle East

In the Middle East, more than 90 percent of the fine aerosol particles that are detrimental to health and the climate originate from human-made sources more

Scientific Openness and Integrity: Two Decades of Interactive Open Access Publishing and Open Peer Review

From book printing to the free distribution of scientific publications on the internet developed in the City of Gutenberg: Celebrations at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz on 19 September 2022  more

artificial rainforest

Ecosystem changes can be more accurately predicted by emissions of chiral compounds more

Overall warming of up to 5°C in this century projected for the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

Unprecedented and societally disruptive extreme weather events, including heat waves, droughts, dust storms and torrential rains, will soon become a reality unless immediate, ambitious, and transboundary climate action is taken, warns latest scientific assessment of state-of-climate in the region. more

oxidation field between peple, graphic.

Rethinking indoor air chemistry

September 01, 2022

People generate their own oxidation field and change the indoor air chemistry around them more

Enhanced ocean oxygenation during Cenozoic warm periods

Earth’s past warm periods witnessed the shrinkage of the open ocean’s oxygen-deficient zones. more

The HALO research aircraft launched into an almost empty airspace during the Corona lockdown in May 2020. The aircraft investigated the influence of limited mobility on air quality during the Bluesky research campaign.

Lockdowns in early summer 2020 meant that the amount of soot in the atmosphere, which is harmful to the climate and to health, almost halved more

More supernova dust in the solar system

Ion probe studies and improved stellar nucleosynthesis models are providing new insights into our solar system’s stardust more

Particle phase chemistry enables soot to better seed clouds

New study challenges current understanding of the formation mechanism of atmospheric secondary organic aerosol – Particle chemistry appears to have a strong influence on the climate impact of soot and organic aerosols from wildfires or anthropogenic combustion sources  more

Resin leaks from a damaged conifer.

Researchers develop a highly sensitive novel technique capable of detecting chiral molecules within complex gas mixtures more

Looking forward to taking part in this year's Nobel Laureate Meeting: atmospheric chemist Clara Nussbaumer (on the left) and polymer scientist Tilmann Herberger.

PhD students from the two Max Planck Institutes in Mainz will be attending the Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau between June 26 and July 1 more

Honorary doctorate for fire ecologist

Greek University honors Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Johann Georg Goldammer for his fire ecological research more

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