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Pictures of Peter Hergersberg, Iris Möbius, Susanne Benner

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw) honors the best scientific press releases of the past year. more

<span><span><span><span><span><span>Yafang Cheng elected AAAS Fellow 2023</span></span></span></span></span></span>

Aerosol researcher recognized for distinguished scientific achievements more

Searching for clues in the history book of the ocean

Increased oxygenation of the tropical ocean during a geological episode of abrupt global warming more

Recognition for the discovery of nuclear fission

Groundbreaking papers by Otto Hahn, Fritz Straßmann, Lise Meitner, and Robert Frisch unveiling the discovery of nuclear fission are honored by the prestigious American Chemical Society's Citation for Chemical Breakthrough award.

Start of major aircraft measurement campaign in the Australian Pacific

Third and final part of the CAFE research expedition to study photochemistry and aerosol particle formation in the tropical atmosphere more

Phasing out fossil fuels could save millions of lives

A new study estimates that the mortality burden attributable to air pollution from fossil fuel use is considerably higher than most previous estimates – a phaseout of fossil fuels would have tremendous, positive health outcomes more

Effect of aerosol particles on clouds and the climate captured better 

Global measurements and model calculations show that the complex relationship between the chemistry and climate impact of aerosol particles can be successfully captured by a simple formula.  more

A new reference work for aerosol research and the study of infectious diseases

A new scheme classifies respiratory droplets according to their place of origin—and can help in the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases more

Climate change and health in the Anthropocene

Article by environmental researcher Ulrich Pöschl on humanity's responsibility and ability to avoid degrading or even losing its livelihood. more

Ulrich Pöschl elected as AGU Fellow 

Chemist is honored for his transformative contributions to understanding multiphase processes at the atmosphere-biosphere interface and their impact on the Earth system and public health more

Drought stress alters the function of rainforest soil 

Extensive measurement campaign in the experimental rainforest of the Biosphere 2 highlights the effects of drought and rewetting on soil biogenic volatile organic compound (VOC) fluxes. more

research team in front of HALO in hangar

HALO research aircraft analyzes the transport of greenhouses gases and aerosols over the Pacific more

Fine particulate matter catalyzes oxidative stress in the lungs

Study sheds new light on the adverse health effects of air pollution: hydrogen peroxide production of fine particles may not be as important as previously assumed. more

African Smoke Over the Amazon

At certain times in the year, more soot particles reach the Amazon rainforest from bush fires in Africa than from regional fires. more

Inhospitable planets due to metal-rich stars

A star’s chemical composition strongly influences the ultraviolet radiation it emits into space and thus the conditions for the emergence of life in its neighbourhood. more

Uncovering the real paleo diet: Scientific team wins HFSP Research Grant

An international research team including Tina Lüdecke from MPI for Chemistry won a Research Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) – Can they find a new way to look deeper into isotopic composition of amino acids in tooth enamel?

Researchers deliver new insights in the complex interactions between smoke aerosols, weather and wildfire behaviors

Wildfires actively participate in the formation of fire-prone weather more

President of Germany visits German-Brazilian research station

Frank-Walter Steinmeier traveled with German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke to ATTO in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest more

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