Wissenschaftliche Datenbanken


UV-VIS Spectral Atlas


The MPI-Mainz-UV-VIS Spectral Atlas is a comprehensive collection of absorption cross sections for gaseous molecules and radicals, primarily relevant to atmospheric research, from measurements performed during the last nine decades.


GeoReM is a Max Planck Institute database for reference materials of geological and environmental interest, such as rock powders, synthetic and natural glasses as well as mineral, isotopic, biological, river water and seawater reference materials.


The database GEOROC (Geochemistry of Rocks of the Oceans and Continents) was developed and maintained at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry until 2022. With the dissolution of our database group, it has been transferred to Göttingen Research Online:


The database is a comprehensive collection of published analyses of volcanic rocks and mantle xenoliths. It contains major and trace element concentrations, radiogenic and nonradiogenic isotope ratios as well as analytical ages for whole rocks, glasses, minerals and inclusions. Samples come from 11 different geological settings. Metadata include, among others, geographic location with latitude and longitude, rock class and rock type, alteration grade, analytical method, laboratory, reference materials and references.

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