Visa/Residence permit


Please contact the local German Embassy to check whether you need a visa to travel into Germany and how long it will take to obtain one. 

All persons traveling from visa-countries who want to stay in Germany need a visa for themselves as well as for any accompanying family members. The visa should be applied for at the Germany embassy of the home country.  It is important to obtain a visa that allows you to leave the base in Germany on more than one occasion to attend international conferences etc.

Residence permit

Every student needs a residence permit. Students from EU countries will encounter no problems getting the permit. Students from other countries are given administrative support.
The residence permit is given by the "Ausländerbehörde" (aliens authority)
of the town where you live in Germany.


Ms. Claudia Dolle will help you to clarify questions when you are accepted for a PhD project at MPI for Chemistry.

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