Honor and career jump for Chinese atmospheric researchers from Mainz

Three scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry have obtained prestigious awards and faculty positions through the Chinese 1000 Talents Program in China.

June 26, 2018

China has a special strategy to attract scientific talents to the country: the 1000 Talents Program offers well-funded research grants and faculty positions to excellent researchers from abroad. Among the challenging selection criteria in the very competitive program are outstanding research results and publications.

Three scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry recently have been honored with a grant from the 1000 Talents Program and now hold faculty positions at Chinese universities with strong focus on environmental research:

Zhibin Wang, a former member of the research group of Hang Su, moved to the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. His main research topic is the formation and transformation of secondary aerosol particles in polluted air.

Nan Ma, a former member of the research group of Yafang Cheng, is now employed at the Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI) of Jinan University in Guangzhou. He is focusing on the investigation of black carbon aerosols and their climate effects.

Already last year, Qiaoqiao Wang from the group of Meinrat O. Andreae went to the ECI at Jinan Univeristy in Guangzhou. She pursues numerical model studies of the effects of atmospheric aerosols on air quality and climate change.

"I am very pleased about the success of our colleagues. It shows that our institute provides excellent conditions for the development of scientific careers", says Ulrich Pöschl, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry.

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