Hubert Vonhof

Group Leader
Vonhof Group

Main Focus

In the Climate Geochemistry Department of the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry, I am responsible for the inorganic stable isotope mass spectrometry lab. In my group we currently run isotope geochemical studies on archives like speleothems (stalagmites), skeletal carbonates (corals, shells) and lake sediments, all targeted towards paleo-climatic and paleo-environmental reconstruction. In these studies we mostly focus on the Quaternary time period. Technical development in the stable isotope lab focuses on fluid inclusion isotope analysis, and the analysis of small carbonate samples, like single-specimen planktic foraminifers (marine planktonic organisms).

Curriculum Vitae

Born and educated in the Netherlands, I was employed from 1992 to 2016 at the Free University of Amsterdam, where I taught and researched as a sedimentary geologist, with focus on isotope geochemistry and paleoclimate reconstruction. In 2016 I joined the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, as a group leader in the Climate Geochemistry Department.

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