Analytical Instruments

ICP mass spectrometer Thermo Element2

The single-collector sector-field Element2 ICP-MS is used for trace element and isotopic analysis of geochemical and environmental samples, e.g. corals, stalagmites, manganese crusts, natural glasses, inclusions and solutions. Bulk analyses are performed by measuring dissolved spiked samples (introduced by a Cetac Aridus desolvation system) or fused glasses using laser ablation. In-situ microanalyses are possible with the combined laser ablation (LA)-ICP-MS system.

MC-ICP mass spectrometer Nu Plasma

High precision isotope measurements (e.g. Sr, Hf, U) and 230Th/U dating are performed using a multi-collector (MC) Nu Plasma ICP-MS from Nu Instruments. The mass spectrometer is equipped with a Cetac Aridus desolvation system for sensitivity enhancement.

Femtosecond laser ablation system NWR-FEMTO

The femtosecond (10-15 s) laser ablation system NWR-FEMTO was installed recently in the paleoclimate research group. Because of the extremely low pulse width of less than 130 fs and the short wavelength of 200 nm, elemental and isotopic fractionation as well as matrix dependency are reduced leading to highly precise and accurate analytical results.


Laser ablation system UP213 from New Wave

A solid state Nd:YAG laser from New Wave (213 nm wavelength) is available for laser ablation ICP-MS measurements. Analyses can be performed using crater sizes of 2 – 110 µm. Typical applications include microanalysis of stalagmites, corals, bones, and glass sponges, and multi-element analysis of sediments and reference materials, and in-situ Pb, Sr and U isotope analysis of inclusions and ostracodes.


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