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Journal Article
Claude-Ivanaj, C., Hofmann, A. W., Vlastelic, I. and Koschinsky, A.: Recording changes in ENADW composition over the last 340 ka using high-precision lead isotopes in a Fe-Mn crust, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 188, 73–89 [online] Available from:, 2001.
Journal Article
Claude-Ivanaj, C., Joron, J.-L. and Allègre, C. J.: 238U-230Th-226Ra fractionation in historical lavas from the Azores: long-lived source heterogeneity vs. metasomatism fingerprints, Chemical Geology, 176, 295–310 [online] Available from:, 2001.
Journal Article
Claude-Ivanaij, C., Abouchami, W., Galer, S. J. G., Hofmann, A. W. and Koschinsky, A.: High resolution 230Th/232Th and 234U/238U chronology of a hydrogeneous Fe-Mn crust from the NE Atlantic, Mineralogical Magazine, 62 A, 335–336 [online] Available from:, 1998.
Journal Article
Claude-Ivanaij, C. and Allègre, C. J.: Coupling of radiogenic isotopes and 238U-230Th-226Ra radioactive disequilibria in historical volcanics from the Azores, Mineralogical Magazine, 62 A, 333–334 [online] Available from:, 1998.
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