Publications of I. A. Troyan

Journal Article (43)

Journal Article
Menushenkov, A. P., Troyan, I. A. and Eremets, M. I.: Resonant Raman scattering in superconducting Ba1-xKxBiO3, JETP Letters, 77(9), 521–525 [online] Available from:, 2003.
Journal Article
Troyan, I. A., Eremets, M. I., Gavrilyuk, A. G., Lyubutin, I. S. and Sarkisyan, V. A.: Transport and optical properties of iron borate FeBO3 under high pressures, JETP Letters, 78(1), 13–16 [online] Available from:, 2003.
Journal Article
Gavriliuk, A. G., Trojan, I. A., Boehler, R., Eremets, M., Zerr, A., Lyubutin, I. S. and Sarkisyan, V. A.: Equation of state and structural phase transition in FeBO3 at high pressure, JETP Letters, 75(1), 23–25 [online] Available from:, 2002.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Eremets, M. I., Trojan, I. A., Gavriliuk, A. G. and Medvedev, S. A.: Synthesis of high-nitrogen energetic materials, in Static Compression of Energetic Materials, pp. 75–97, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg. [online] Available from:, 2008.

Working Paper (2)

Working Paper
Eremets, M. I., Troyan, I. A. and Drozdov, A. P.: Low temperature phase diagram of hydrogen at pressures up to 380 GPa. A possible metallic phase at 360 GPa and 200 K, [online] Available from:, 2016.
Working Paper
Einaga, M., Sakata, M., Ishikawa, T., Eremets, M., Drozdov, A. P., Trojan, I., Hirao, N. and Ohishi, Y.: Crystal Structure of 200 K-Superconducting Phase of Sulfur Hydride System, [online] Available from:, 2015.
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