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Journal Article
Baboukas, E., Sciare, J. and Mihalopoulos, N.: Spatial, temporal and interannual variability of methanesulfonate and non-sea-salt sulfate in rainwater in the Southern Indian Ocean (Amsterdam, Crozet and Kerguelen Islands), Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 48(1), 35–57 [online] Available from:, 2004.
Journal Article
Vrekoussis, M., Kanakidou, M., Mihalopoulos, N., Crutzen, P. J., Lelieveld, J., Perner, D., Berresheim, H. and Baboukas, E.: Role of the NO3 radicals in oxidation processes in the eastern Mediterranean troposphere during the MINOS campaign, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 4, 169–182 [online] Available from:, 2004.
Journal Article
Sander, R., Keene, W. C., Pszenny, A. A. P., Arimoto, R., Ayers, G. P., Baboukas, E., Cainey, J. M., Crutzen, P. J., Duce, R. A., Hönninger, G., Huebert, B. J., Maenhaut, W., Mihalopoulos, N., Turekian, V. C. and Van Dingenen, R.: Inorganic bromine in the marine boundary layer: a critical review, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 3, 1301–1336 [online] Available from:, 2003.
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