Publications of S. K. Meilinger

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Meilinger, S. K., Karcher, B. and Peter, T.: Microphysics and heterogeneous chemistry in aircraft plumes - high sensitivity on local meteorology and atmospheric composition, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 5, 533–545 [online] Available from:, 2005.
Journal Article
Meilinger, S. K., Kärcher, B., von Kuhlmann, R. and Peter, T.: On the impact of heterogeneous chemistry on ozone in the tropopause region, Geophysical Research Letters, 28, 515–518 [online] Available from:, 2001.
Journal Article
Meilinger, S. K., Tsias, A., Dreiling, V., Kuhn, M., Feigl, C., Ziereis, H., Schlager, H., Curtius, J., Sierau, B., Arnold, F., Zöger, M., Schiller, C. and Peter, T.: HNO3 Partitioning in Cirrus Clouds, Geophysical Research Letters, 26, 2207–2210 [online] Available from:, 1999.
Journal Article
Kärcher, B. and Meilinger, S. K.: Perturbation of the aerosol layer by aviation-produced aerosols: A parametrization of plume processes, Geophysical Research Letters, 25, 4465–4468 [online] Available from:, 1998.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Meilinger, S. K., Tsias, A., Peter, T., Dreiling, V., Kuhn, M., Ziereis, H., Feigl, C., Schlager, H., Curtis, J., Sierau, B., Arnold, F., Zoeger, M., Schiller, C., Wienhold, F. G., Hoor, P., Fischer, H., Thomas, A. and Borrmann, S.: An analysis of quasi-langrangian observations of particle growth during the POLSTAR-1 campaign, in Proceedings of the 4th European Symposium on Polar stratosperic ozone 1997, Schliersee/Germany 1997, Air Pollution Research Report 66, pp. 151–154, European Commission, Luxembourg. [online] Available from:, 1998.
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