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Journal Article
Diesch, J. M., Drewnick, F., Zorn, S. R., von der Weiden-Reinmüller, S. L., Martinez, M. and Borrmann, S.: Variability of aerosol, gaseous pollutants and meteorological characteristics associated with changes in air mass origin at the SW Atlantic coast of Iberia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12(8), 3761–3782 [online] Available from:, 2012.
Journal Article
Drewnick, F., Böttger, T., von der Weiden-Reinmüller, S. L., Zorn, S. R., Klimach, T., Schneider, J. and Borrmann, S.: Design of a mobile aerosol research laboratory and data processing tools for effective stationary and mobile field measurements, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 5(6), 1443–1457 [online] Available from:, 2012.
Journal Article
Ebben, C. J., Martinez, I. S., Shrestha, M., Buchbinder, A. M., Corrigan, A. L., Guenther, A., Karl, T., Petaja, T., Song, W. W., Zorn, S. R., Artaxo, P., Kulmala, M., Martin, S. T., Russell, L. M., Williams, J. and Geiger, F. M.: Contrasting organic aerosol particles from boreal and tropical forests during HUMPPA-COPEC-2010 and AMAZE-08 using coherent vibrational spectroscopy, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(20), 10317–10329 [online] Available from:, 2011.
Journal Article
Lapina, K., Heald, C. L., Spracklen, D. V., Arnold, S. R., Allan, J. D., Coe, H., McFiggans, G., Zorn, S. R., Drewnick, F., Bates, T. S., Hawkins, L. N., Russell, L. M., Smirnov, A., O'Dowd, C. D. and Hind, A. J.: Investigating organic aerosol loading in the remote marine environment, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(17), 8847–8860 [online] Available from:, 2011.
Journal Article
Schneider, J., Freutel, F., Zorn, S. R., Chen, Q., Farmer, D. K., Jimenez, J. L., Martin, S. T., Artaxo, P., Wiedensohler, A. and Borrmann, S.: Mass- spectrometric identification of primary biological particle markers and application to pristine submicron aerosol measurements in Amazonia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(22), 11415–11429 [online] Available from:, 2011.
Journal Article
Pöschl, U., Martin, S. T., Sinha, B., Chen, Q., Gunthe, S. S., Huffman, J. A., Borrmann, S., Farmer, D. K., Garland, R. M., Helas, G., Jimenez, J. L., King, S. M., Manzi, A., Mikhailov, E., Pauliquevis, T., Petters, M. D., Prenni, A. J., Roldin, P., Rose, D., Schneider, J., Su, H., Zorn, S. R., Artaxo, P. and Andreae, M. O.: Rainforest Aerosols as Biogenic Nuclei of Clouds and Precipitation in the Amazon, Science, 329(5998), 1513–1516 [online] Available from:, 2010.
Journal Article
Martin, S. T., Andreae, M. O., Althausen, D., Artaxo, P., Baars, H., Borrmann, S., Chen, Q., Farmer, D. K., Guenther, A., Gunthe, S. S., Jimenez, J. L., Karl, T., Longo, K., Manzi, A., Müuller, T., Pauliquevis, T., Petters, M. D., Prenni, A. J., Pöschl, U., Rizzo, L. V., Schneider, J., Smith, J. N., Swietlicki, E., Tota, J., Wang, J., Wiedensohler, A. and Zorn, S. R.: An overview of the Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment 2008 (AMAZE-08), Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10(23), 11415–11438 [online] Available from:, 2010.
Journal Article
Chen, Q., Farmer, D. K., Schneider, J., Zorn, S. R., Heald, C. L., Karl, T. G., Guenther, A., Allan, J. D., Robinson, N., Coe, H., Kimmel, J. R., Pauliquevis, T., Borrmann, S., Pöschl, U., Andreae, M. O., Artaxo, P., Jimenez, J. L. and Martin, S. T.: Mass spectral characterization of submicron biogenic organic particles in the Amazon Basin, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, doi:10.1029/2009GL039880, 2009.
Journal Article
Zorn, S. R., Drewnick, F., Schott, M., Hoffmann, T. and Borrmann, S.: Characterization of the South Atlantic marine boundary layer aerosol using an aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8(16), 4711–4728 [online] Available from:, 2008.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Zorn, S.: Chemical composition measurements of pristine aerosols in the Southern Atlantic and Amazon regions by means of on-line mass spectrometry, PhD Thesis, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz. [online] Available from:, n.d.
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