Publications of Nihan Uygur

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Hosny, N. A., Fitzgerald, C., Vysniauskas, A., Athanasiadis, A., Berkemeier, T., Uygur, N., Pöschl, U., Shiraiwa, M., Kalberer, M., Pope, F. D. and Kuimova, M. K.: Direct imaging of changes in aerosol particle viscosity upon hydration and chemical aging, Chemical Science, 7(2), 1357–1367, doi:10.1039/c5sc02959g, 2016.
Journal Article
Uygur, N., Saral, A., Yetilmezsoy, K., Demir, S., Kuzu, S. L., Celikten, H. and Abdul-Wahab, S. A.: Flux potentials of aerosols and their spatial variations in a coastal metropolis, Atmospheric Science Letters, 15(3), 227–238, doi:10.1002/asl2.495, 2014.
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