Publications of Ruifang C. Xie

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Journal Article
Xie, R. C., Galer, S. J. G., Abouchami, W., Rijkenberg, M. J. A., De Jong, J., de Baar, H. J. W. and Andreae, M. O.: The cadmium-phosphate relationship in the western South Atlantic - The importance of mode and intermediate waters on the global systematics, Marine Chemistry, 177, 110–123, doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2015.06.011, 2015.
Journal Article
Lynch-Stieglitz, J., Polissar, P. J., Jacobel, A. W., Hovan, S. A., Pockalny, R. A., Lyle, M., Murray, R. W., Ravelo, A. C., Bova, S. C., Dunlea, A. G., Ford, H. L., Hertzberg, J. E., Wertman, C. A., Maloney, A. E., Shackford, J. K., Wejnert, K. and Xie, R. C.: Glacial-interglacial changes in central tropical Pacific surface seawater property gradients, Paleoceanography, 30(5), 423–438, doi:10.1002/2014PA002746, 2015.
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