Checklist before your arrival

Here you find a list of documents which you have to bring with you:

  •   Passport or identity card valid for the entire period of residence
  •   Visa, also for accompanying family members (relates to non-EU citizens)
  •   Several biometric passport photos
  •   Marriage certificate (original and translated in German)
  •   PhD certificate (original and translated in German or English)
  •   Insurance documents, if available: third party insurance, health insurance,
      accident insurance, car insurance (please check in advance that it is valid in
  •   Confirmation by the health insurer that the insurance cover also includes
  •   Medication; letter from your doctor regarding existing conditions; vaccination
  •   Driving licence
  •   Further key documents of your education for university enrolment

Please bring both copies and the original of important documents with you because your documents will be checked. Nevertheless, certified translations may also be needed.

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