OH Reactivity Specialists Uniting Meeting (ORSUM)

Mainz, 13 - 15 October 2014

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting

Overall focus, goals and structure

This meeting aims to gather the community of scientists interested in the measurement and modelling of OH reactivity for the first time. The direct measurement of OH reactivity (or the total loss rate of OH radicals) is a relatively new measurement with a rapidly expanding number of practitioners. The meeting aims to share experiences, best practice recommendations, calibration methods, quality control, results, and future challenges and concepts related to OH reactivity measurements.

The meeting would include talks from the international community to highlight recent measurement and model developments. Contributions are expected from Europe, United States, China and Japan encompassing ground site, ship, airborne, branch cuvette and chamber measurements as well as modelling approaches. The aims of the meeting include, pooling of knowledge regarding measurement techniques, sharing of results in order to better define missing reactivity, standardization of procedure, and possible organization of a future intercomparison exercise.

This meeting is endorsed by IGAC and ILEAPS

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