MEGAPOLI Winter Campaign, Paris, 2010

Paris Plume experiment (winter campaign)
The Particle Chemistry Department (MPIC-PC), research groups Schneider & Drewnick, participated in the winter Paris campaign (Jan/Feb 2010) as follows:
- Mobile ground based aerosol and gas measurements (MoLa)
- Stationary ground based aerosol composition (LoLa = local laboratory), including
  the C-ToF-AMS and SPLAT.

- Pictures (including instrument list)

- General MEGAPOLI Homepage

People involved:
MoLa: S.-L. von der Weiden, K. Dzepina, J. Diesch, J. Fachinger,
J. Schneider, F. Drewnick
LoLa: F. Freutel, T. Klimach, A. Roth, J. Schmale, P. Reitz, F. Drewnick,
J. Schneider 

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