The project MEGAPOLI (MEGAcities: Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric POLlution and climate effects, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation) was conducted in and around Paris in 2009 and 2010 and had the following objectives:

 1. to assess impacts of megacities and large air-pollution hot-spots
     on local, regional and global air quality,
 2. to quantify feedbacks among megacity air quality, local and regional
     climate, and global climate change,
 3. to develop improved integrated tools for prediction of air pollution
     in megacities.

Two large field campaigns were carried out:

1) Paris Plume experiment (summer campaign)
The Particle Chemistry Department (MPIC-PC), research groups Schneider & Drewnick, participated in the summer Paris campaign (July 2009) as follows:
- Aircraft-based aerosol cmposition measuremens (ALABAMA on ATR42)
- Mobile ground based aerosol and gas measurements (MoLa)
- Stationary ground based aerosol composition (LoLa = local laboratory)
   (SPLAT, C-ToF-AMS, UV-APS, MAAP, OPC, EAS, CPC, TEOM, Airpointer)
People involved:
ALABAMA: M. Brands, T. Böttger, J. Schneider
MoLa: S.-L. von der Weiden, J. Diesch, S. Zorn, T. Böttger, F. Drewnick, J. Fachinger
LoLa: T. Klimach, A. Roth, S. Gallavardin, F. Drewnick, F. Freutel, J. Schmale, P. Reitz, J. Schneider, T. Böttger 

2) Paris Plume experiment (winter campaign)
The Particle Chemistry Department (MPIC-PC), research groups Schneider & Drewnick, participated in the winter Paris campaign (Jan/Feb 2010) as follows:
- Mobile ground based aerosol and gas measurements (MoLa)
- Stationary ground based aerosol composition (LoLa = local laboratory), including the C-ToF-AMS and SPLAT.

People involved:
MoLa: S.-L. von der Weiden, K. Dzepina, J. Diesch, J. Fachinger, J. Schneider, F. Drewnick
LoLa: F. Freutel, T. Klimach, A. Roth, J. Schmale, P. Reitz, F. Drewnick, J. Schneider

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