Particle Loss Calculator (PLC)

Before you can download the Particle Loss Calculator (PLC) you have to read, completely understand and accept the following Software Licence Agreement!

The PLC is written in the scientific programming environment IGOR Pro, which is necessary to run the software. A free IGOR trial version is available at Wavemetrics.

Software License Agreement

1. Preamble
Download and use the software with the title "Particle Loss Calculator", abbreviated PLC, only after you have read and understood all the conditions of the Software License Agreement, which are listed below. By using the Particle Loss Calculator you accept all the conditions and in particular the disclaimer. There is then between you, hereafter referred to as a licensee, and the manufacturer of the software, Max-Planck Society, represented by Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry, hereafter referred to as licensor, this legally binding licensing agreement, which covers all elements of the software.

2. Definitions
"Software" is the individual software program system with the title of Particle Loss Calculator (PLC) including all components and associated documentations. "Use" means the execution of the software, as well as downloading the software from the Internet and copying the software, both, in whole or in parts.

3. Subject Matter of this Software License Agreement
Subject matter of this Software License Agreement is the software Particle Loss Calculator (PLC) made available for download on this Internet page.

4. Copyright and Ownership
The software and all its components are protected by copyright. The owner of the copyright is the licensor and the manufactor of the software, Max-Planck Society, represented by Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry. All right are reserved by the licensor. The software product will remain at all times the property of the licensor.

5. License
The licensor grants the licensee a license for non-commercial use of the software in accordance with the conditions of this contract. For the licensor, this does not incur any obligations to the licensee.

6. Rights of the Licensee and Restrictions Imposed Upon the License
The licensee may make copies of this software in any number and distribute these copies to anyone, as long as he makes sure that the software is passed on as a whole and that this Software License Agreement is always included. The licensee may use the software to generate products for non-commercial use. If the licensee achieves results under application of this software, which the licensee publicates or popularizes to thirds, always the dedicated publication has to be cited. The licensee must not use the software itself or parts of it to develop or construct software programs or other material which are based on this software in whole or in parts. Any changing of the software (especially the source codes) are only allowed after consulting the licensor of this software, Max-Planck Society, represented by Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry (contact person: Frank Drewnick).

7. Research Subject
The licensee acknowledges that the software is the object of research of a project of the licensor at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz. The software will be updated at times and the current version can be downloaded on this Internet page.

8. Disclaimer of Liability
The usage of the software is provided free of charge. The licensor is not in any way liable for the use of the software or any infringement on the rights of a third party through this software, nor is he liable for any damages incurred on a third party by the use of the software. Basically, any form of liability by the licensor in connection with this software is disclaimed and declined. Do not use the software if you do not agree with this!

9. Patents, Trademarks and Registered Trademarks
The software and all related information is published without regard to any patent or copyright protection. Product names and trade names or brand names, company names and logos, mentioned in this software or in connection with this software, are ususally also registered trademarks and should be regarded as such. Their use in connection with this software is no guarantee of free availability.

10. Severability Clause
If any part of this conctract is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of this Treaty, which will continue to remain in force, is not affected.

11. Changes
Amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and must be approved by the licensor and signed for by the licensor.

Software Licence Agreement (see above) read, completely understood and accepted

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