In our group we use the following models:


The ECHAM/MESSy Atmospheric Chemistry (EMAC) model is a global numerical chemistry and climate simulation system that includes sub-models describing lower and middle atmosphere processes and interactions between atmosphere and oceans, land, and humans. EMAC is a combination of ECHAM5 (the 5th generation European Centre - Hamburg general circulation model, Roeckner et al.,2006) and the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy; Joeckel et al., 2005,2010). An extensive evaluation of the model can be found in Joeckel et al.(2006) and Pozzer et al. (2007). For further information see .


WRF-Chem is the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model coupled with Chemistry. 
The model simulates the emission, transport, mixing, and chemical transformation of trace gases and aerosols simultaneously with meteorology. The model is used for studying regional-scale air quality and interpreting measurements otained during field campaign. Detailed information are available on the WRF-Chem website ( )


Chemistry As A Boxmodel Application Module Efficiently Calculating the Chemistry of the Atmosphere (CAABA/MECCA) is a box model containing a comprehensive set of chemical reactions that can be used for the troposphere as well as for the stratosphere. It provides a flexible and comfortable user interface for chosing and modifying the chemical reaction mechanism, which MECCA then uses to generate automated code for use in either a box model setting or a multi-dimensional model (e.g., a 3D chemistry-climate model like ECHAM5/MESSy).  For detailed informations, please see

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