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Santander, C., Molinaro, L., Mutti, G., Martinez I, F., Mathe, J., da Ferreira Silva, M. J., Caldon, M., Oteo-Garcia, G., Aldeias, V., Archer, W., Bamford, M., Biro, D., Bobe, R., Braun, D. R., Hammond, P., Lüdecke, T., Pinto, M. J., Paulo, L. M., Stalmans, M., Regala, F. T., Bertolini, F., Moltke, I., Raveane, A., Pagani, L., Carvalho, S. und Capelli, C.: Genomic variation in baboons from central Mozambique unveils complex evolutionary relationships with other Papio species, BMC Ecology and Evolution, 22(1), doi:10.1186/s12862-022-01999-7, 2022.
Rugenstein, J. K. C., Methner, K., Kukla, T., Mulch, A., Lüdecke, T., Fiebig, J., Meltzer, A., Wegmann, K. W., Zeitler, P. und Chamberlain, C. P.: Clumped isotope constraints on warming and precipitation seasonality in Mongolia following Altai uplift, American Journal of Science, 322(1), 28–54, doi:10.2475/01.2022.02, 2022.
Leichliter, J. N., Lüdecke, T., Foreman, A. D., Duprey, N. N., Winkler, D. E., Kast, E. R., Vonhof, H., Sigman, D. M., Haug, G. H., Clauss, M., Tütken, T. und Martinez-Garcia, A.: Nitrogen isotopes in tooth enamel record diet and trophic level enrichment: Results from a controlled feeding experiment, Chemical Geology, 563, doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2020.120047, 2021.

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Meeting Abstract
Leichliter, J. N., Lüdecke, T., Foreman, A. D., Kindler, L., Tutken, T., Tacail, T. und Martinez-Garcia, A.: Nitrogen isotope analysis of 125,000-year-old tooth enamel from the Middle Palaeolithic Neanderthal site of Neumark-Nord 2, Germany, in American journal of biological anthropology, Bd. 177, S. 107–107, Wiley, Chichester., 2022.
Meeting Abstract
Lüdecke, T., Leichliter, J. N., Duprey, N. N., Stratford, D., Vonhof, H. B., Bamford, M. K., Haug, G. H. und Martinez-Garcia, A.: First enamel nitrogen isotope data of early hominins: Early Pleistocene Australopithecus (Sterkfontein Member 4, South Africa) did not consume significant amounts of animal resources, in American journal of biological anthropology, Bd. 177, S. 111–112, Wiley, Chichester., 2022.
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