Publikationen von F. X. Meixner

Forschungspapier (2)

Lammel, G., Meixner, F. X., Vrana, B., Efstathiou, C. I., Kohoutek, J., Kukucka, P., Mulder, M. D., Pribylova, P., Prokes, R., Rusina, T. P., Song, G. und Tsapakis, M.: Bidirectional air-sea exchange and accumulation of POPs (PAHs, PCBs, OCPs and PBDEs) in the nocturnal marine boundary layer, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 16, doi:10.5194/acp-2015-926, 2016.
Mamtimin, B., Badawy, M., Behrendt, T., Meixner, F. X. und Wagner, T.: The contribution of soil biogenic NO emissions from a managed hyper-arid ecosystem to the regional NO2 emissions during growing season, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 15, doi:10.5194/acpd-15-34533-2015, 2015.
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