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Drewnick, F., Hings, S. S., Alfarra, M. R., Prévôt, A. S. H. und Borrmann, S.: Aerosol quantification with the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer: detection limits and ionizer background effects, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2, 33–46 [online] Available from:, 2009.
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Hings, S. S., Walter, S., Schneider, J., Borrmann, S. und Drewnick, F.: Comparison of a quadrupole and a time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer during the Feldberg aerosol characterization experiment 2004, Aerosol Science and Technology, 41(7), 679–691 [online] Available from:, 2007.
Drewnick, F., Schneider, J., Hings, S. S., Hock, N., Noone, K., Targino, A., Weimer, S. und Borrmann, S.: Measurement of ambient, interstitial, and residual aerosol particles on a mountaintop site in central Sweden using an aerosol mass spectrometer and a CVI, Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 56(1), 1–20 [online] Available from:, 2007.
Drewnick, F., Hings, S. S., Curtius, J., Eerdekens, G. und Williams, J.: Measurement of fine particulate and gas-phase species during the New Year's fireworks 2005 in Mainz, Germany, Atmospheric Environment, 40(23), 4316–4327 [online] Available from:, 2006.
Schneider, J., Hings, S. S., Hock, B. N., Weimer, S., Borrmann, S., Fiebig, M., Petzold, A., Busen, R. und Kärcher, B.: Aircraft-based operation of an aerosol mass spectrometer: Measurements of tropospheric aerosol composition, Journal of Aerosol Science, 37(7), 839–857 [online] Available from:, 2006.
Dusek, U., Frank, G. P., Hildebrandt, L., Curtius, J., Schneider, J., Walter, S., Chand, D., Drewnick, F., Hings, S., Jung, D., Borrmann, S. und Andreae, M. O.: Size matters more than chemistry for cloud-nucleating ability of aerosol particles, Science, 312(5778), 1375–1378 [online] Available from:, 2006.
Drewnick, F., Hings, S. S., DeCarlo, P., Jayne, J. T., Gonin, M., Fuhrer, K., Weimer, S., Jimenez, J. L., Demerjian, K. L., Borrmann, S. und Worsnop, D. R.: A new time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometer (TOF-AMS) - Instrument description and first field deployment, Aerosol Science and Technology, 39(7), 637–658 [online] Available from:, 2005.
Williams, J., Drewnick, F., Hings, S. S., Curtius, J., Eerdekens, G., Klüpfel, T. und Wagner, T.: Firework Emissions for Satellite Validation?, Environmental Chemistry, 2, 94–95, doi:10.1071/EN05022, 2005.

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Hings, S.: Characterisation and Field Deployment of a Novel Quantitative Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS), Doktorarbeit, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz. [online] Available from:, o. J.
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