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Hurst, D. F., Romashkin, P. A., Elkins, J. W., Oberländer, E. A., Elansky, N. F., Belikov, I. B., Granberg, I. G., Golitsyn, G. S., Grisenko, A. M., Brenninkmeijer, C. A. M. und Crutzen, P. J.: Emissions of ozone-depleting substances in Russia during 2001, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 109(D14), doi:10.1029/2004JD004633, 2004.
Oberlander, E. A., Brenninkmeijer, C. A. M., Crutzen, P. J., Elansky, N. F., Golitsyn, G. S., Granberg, I. G., Scharffe, D. H., Hofmann, R., Belikov, I. B., Paretzke, H. G. und van Velthoven, P. F. J.: Trace gas measurements along the Trans-Siberian railroad: The TROICA 5 expedition, Journal of Geophysical Research, 107(D14), doi:10.1029/2001JD000953, 2002.
Oberlander, E. A., Brenninkmeijer, C. A. M., Crutzen, P. J., Lelieveld, J. und Elansky, N. F.: Why not take the train? Trans-Siberian atmospheric chemistry observations across Central and East Asia, EOS Transactions, 83, 509–516 [online] Available from:, 2002.

Buchkapitel (1)

Cooke, K. M. und Oberlander, E. A.: Development of a technique to measure tropospheric OH using liquid derivatisation and HPLC with fluorescence detection, in Proceedings of the Eurotrac-2 Symposium '98 on "Transport and Chemical Transformation of Pollutants in the Troposphere", Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1998, 1, herausgegeben von P. M. Borrell und P. Borrell, S. 375–379, WIT Press, Southampton. [online] Available from:, 1999.

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Elansky, N. F., Belikov, I., Markova, T. A., Moeseenko, K. B., Pankratova, N. V., Safronov, A. N., Brenninkmeijer, C. A. M., Holzinger, R., Oberlander, E. A., Grisenko, A. M., Lavrova, O. B., Sevostyanov, V. V. und Kuznetsova, I. N.: Experiment TROICA on surface ozone and its precursor distributions over continental regions of Russia, in Ozone. Proceedings of the XX Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, Kos 1-8 June 2004, Greece, Vol. II, herausgegeben von C. Zerefos, S. 867–868. [online] Available from:, 2004.
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