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Crowley, J. N., Pouvesle, N., Phillips, G. J., Axinte, R., Fischer, H., Petajä, T., Nölscher, A., Williams, J., Hens, K., Harder, H., Martinez-Harder, M., Novelli, A., Kubistin, D., Bohn, B. und Lelieveld, J.: Insights into HOx and ROx chemistry in the boreal forest via measurement of peroxyacetic acid, peroxyacetic nitric anhydride (PAN) and hydrogen peroxide, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18(18), 13457–13479, doi:10.5194/acp-18-13457-2018, 2018.
Phillips, G. J., Pouvesle, N., Thieser, J., Schuster, G., Axinte, R., Fischer, H., Williams, J., Lelieveld, J. und Crowley, J. N.: Peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and peroxyacetic acid (PAA) measurements by iodide chemical ionisation mass spectrometry: first analysis of results in the boreal forest and implications for the measurement of PAN fluxes, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(3), 1129–1139 [online] Available from:, 2013.
Nölscher, A. C., Williams, J., Sinha, V., Custer, T., Song, W., Johnson, A. M., Axinte, R., Bozem, H., Fischer, H., Pouvesle, N., Phillips, G., Crowley, J. N., Rantala, P., Rinne, J., Kulmala, M., Gonzales, D., Valverde-Canossa, J., Vogel, A., Hoffmann, T., Ouwersloot, H. G., Vilà-Guerau de Arellano, J. und Lelieveld, J.: Summertime total OH reactivity measurements from boreal forest during HUMPPA-COPEC 2010, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12(17), 8257–8270 [online] Available from:, 2012.
Williams, J., Crowley, J., Fischer, H., Harder, H., Martinez, M., Petaja, T., Rinne, J., Bäck, J., Boy, M., Dal Maso, M., Hakala, J., Kajos, M., Keronen, P., Rantala, P., Aalto, J., Aaltonen, H., Paatero, J., Vesala, T., Hakola, H., Levula, J., Pohja, T., Herrmann, F., Auld, J., Mesarchaki, E., Song, W., Yassaa, N., Nölscher, A., Johnson, A. M., Custer, T., Sinha, V., Thieser, J., Pouvesle, N., Taraborrelli, D., Tang, M. J., Bozem, H., Hosaynali-Beygi, Z., Axinte, R., Oswald, R., Novelli, A., Kubistin, D., Hens, K., Javed, U., Trawny, K., Breitenberger, C., Hidalgo, P. J., Ebben, C. J., Geiger, F. M., Corrigan, A. L., Russell, L. M., Ouwersloot, H. G., de Arellano, J. V. G., Ganzeveld, L., Vogel, A., Beck, M., Bayerle, A., Kampf, C. J., Bertelmann, M., Köllner, F., Hoffmann, T., Valverde, J., Gonzalez, D., Riekkola, M. L., Kulmala, M. und Lelieveld, J.: The summertime Boreal forest field measurement intensive (HUMPPA-COPEC-2010): an overview of meteorological and chemical influences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11(20), 10599–10618 [online] Available from:, 2011.
Pouvesle, N., Kippenberger, M., Schuster, G. und Crowley, J. N.: The interaction of H2O2 with ice surfaces between 203 and 233 K, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(47), 15544–15550 [online] Available from:, 2010.
Crowley, J. N., Schuster, G., Pouvesle, N., Parchatka, U., Fischer, H., Bonn, B., Bingemer, H. und Lelieveld, J.: Nocturnal nitrogen oxides at a rural mountain-site in south-western Germany, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10(6), 2795–2812 [online] Available from:, 2010.
Marécal, V., Pirre, M., Rivière, E. D., Pouvesle, N., Crowley, J. N., Freitas, S. R. und Longo, K. M.: Modelling the reversible uptake of chemical species in the gas phase by ice particles formed in a convective cloud, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10(10), 4977–5000 [online] Available from:, 2010.
von Hessberg, P., Pouvesle, N., Winkler, A. K., Schuster, G. und Crowley, J. N.: Interaction of formic and acetic acid with ice surfaces between 187 and 227 K. Investigation of single species- and competitive adsorption, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 10(17), 2345–2355 [online] Available from:, 2008.
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