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Hummel, M., Hoose, C., Pummer, B., Schaupp, C., Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J. und Moehler, O.: Simulating the influence of primary biological aerosol particles on clouds by heterogeneous ice nucleation, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18(20), 15437–15450, doi:10.5194/acp-18-15437-2018, 2018.
Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J., Hill, T. C. J., Pummer, B. G., Yordanova, P., Franc, G. D. und Poeschl, U.: Ice nucleation activity in the widespread soil fungus Mortierella alpina, Biogeosciences, 12(4), 1057–1071, doi:10.5194/bg-12-1057-2015, 2015.
Pummer, B. G., Budke, C., Augustin-Bauditz, S., Niedermeier, D., Felgitsch, L., Kampf, C. J., Huber, R. G., Liedl, K. R., Loerting, T., Moschen, T., Schauperl, M., Tollinger, M., Morris, C. E., Wex, H., Grothe, H., Poeschl, U., Koop, T. und Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J.: Ice nucleation by water-soluble macromolecules, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15(8), 4077–4091, doi:10.5194/acp-15-4077-2015, 2015.
Pummer, B. G., Bauer, H., Bernardi, J., Chazallon, B., Facq, S., Lendl, B., Whitmore, K. und Grothe, H.: Chemistry and morphology of dried-up pollen suspension residues, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 44(12), 1654–1658 [online] Available from:, 2013.
Augustin, S., Wex, H., Niedermeier, D., Pummer, B., Grothe, H., Hartmann, S., Tomsche, L., Clauss, T., Voigtländer, J., Ignatius, K. und Stratmann, F.: Immersion freezing of birch pollen washing water, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(21), 10989–11003 [online] Available from:, 2013.
Pummer, B. G., Atanasova, L., Bauer, H., Bernardi, J., Druzhinina, I. S., Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J. und Grothe, H.: Spores of many common airborne fungi reveal no ice nucleation activity in oil immersion freezing experiments, Biogeosciences, 10(12), 8083–8091 [online] Available from:, 2013.
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